Sunday, December 2, 2012

Entry 2: Asian League

I have only been playing Asian League basketball for a few years and every tournament I go to there are programs that people can buy.  At almost all the tournaments my parents decide to buy a program so we can see the brackets for other age groups along with who else is on the opposing teams.  I have over thirty programs from these Asian League tournaments and there are ALWAYS advertisements for different businesses in them.   Some pages in the program are left for the players wishing them good luck in the tournament from their parents.  Other pages are for all these advertisements that take up a whole page or more, like the one below. 

 All the businesses that are within the program pay a certain amount of money to be in the booklet and they can choose how big their advertisement its.  The ads that are placed in this program are at the end of the booklet along with all the good luck pages too.  I was looking through one of the programs and realized that each of the advertisements were on the next page of a good luck page so people had to look at them.  The family and children want to see where their good luck page is, so when they do find it they will also be forced to look at a business ad either below it or next to it.  This is considered product placement because the business can choose how big their ads are and then they are specifically placed next to a good luck page to force people to look at the ads. 
Since this program is for Asian League about 70% or more of the ads are for Asian businesses.  The two pictures shown are all ads for some Asian business.  These businesses not only help them, but they are also helping the organization that is hosting the basketball tournament.  During the tournament there are about a couple hundred of these programs being sold since there are so many age levels.  Plus, each coach is given a free program before the tournament.  This is a win win situation for both the organization and the businesss.  The organization is receiving money from the businesses, along with all the families that decide to buy a program.  the money earned from the programs is distributed amongst the various age level teams to help them raise money.  The money the teams earn sometimes go to future fundraisers or later trips.  Businesses benefit in this situation because they are able to put their names out to the community through these programs. 

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