Sunday, December 9, 2012

Entry 4: Victoria Secret

Recently the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was shown on TV and so many people were raving over how fancy the costumes were and how hot all the models are.  I was on Instagram and after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was over there were boys who were posting pictures of all the different models they found hot and arguing with each other which model looks better.  This had me thinking of the numerous Victoria's Secret commercials i see on TV when I watch shows on the "E!" station with all the gossip.
Above is the Victoria's Secret Angel Fantasies Commercial

Victoria's Secret model girls are gorgeous and I know so many people who say their bodies are "perfect."  Each model that Victoria's Secret has all have a flat stomach and when people see them in the bras and panties they are like "Dang they are hot!" or "Wow that girl got some boobs!"  Boys probably love these Victoria's Secret commercials because they can drool over the girls half naked on their TV screen. 

In this particular commercial Victoria's Secret is trying to convince its customers to buy the Angel Fantasy Push Up bra because it is what all angels want.  The writer of this commercial is saying if someone wants to be like a Victoria's Secret angel then they should buy this amazing push up bra.  During the commercial the models are all moving in slow motion so the audience can have a good look at the lingerie.  There are several different models shown throughout the commercial and some are shown close up and others from a far distance walking around a beautiful room.  Another way the writer catches the audience's attention is how the models are dressed with various color wings since it is an "angel" push up bra they are trying to sell. 

Not all the girls in the commercial are American with blonde hair, some of the models are European and Latino.  So the Victoria's Secret commercial is not just using people with blonde hair and who are American, it is pretty diverse.  The writer of the commercal is using the transfer and association technique by using thin and beautiful models to sell their product and show people they can look like these models if thy buy the Angel Fantasy Push Up bra.  There are a number of girls who wish to be just like the Victoria's Secret models with their thin and tan bodies and the angles shown in the commercial make the models look flawless.  The models do a lot of twirling and flipping of their hair and sometimes their clothing too, to make it seem more dramatic.  Even the woman's voice talking about the push up bra is dramatic and the background music starts off a little soft and then it becomes a faster and more vibrant sound. 

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