Sunday, December 9, 2012

Entry 3: TIFFANY & Co.

I was going through different magazines at my house and came upon a "Sactown" magazine with a Tiffany & Co. advertisement.  Usually when I see a Tiffany & Co. ad it is a commercial and this time it was a print ad. 
This advertisement is perfect for the holidays because there is snow and a whole family together with all smiles.  The people in this ad are definitely from a middle to upper class by the way they dress and present themselves.  Whoever made this advertisement used the need for prominence appealing method in order to convince people to buy a product from Tiffany & Co.  This company is well known for its jewelry and many people want that feeling of a high social status with the diamonds.  Tiffany & Co. is a popular name and when someone hears that company name they think of jewelry.

For men Tiffany & Co. would be a great place to buy a woman a nice gift that they can show off later.  When making this print ad the creator specifically made the guy hold the Tiffany & Co. bag to show that a lot of men go to the store to buy jewelry for their ladies.  Many people like having name brand products that people know of so when the go out they can show off what they have and tell people the different brands they are wearing.  This ad may be simple and some what vague but a reader can easily see what is being advertised.  The companies name is on the ad in three different spots unlike other ads who have the name only shown once.  If the reader had no idea what Tiffany & Co. is they may think that the ad is for clothing and not jewelry since no where on the ad does it say jewelry.  The writer already expects the reader to already know what Tiffany & Co. is and the products they sell.

I liked the ad because in the background behind the happy family you can actually see someone walking into the Tiffany & Co. store.  The lady has several other bags which to me shows that she is willing to spend some money and since she is going into the jewelry store the lady is bound to find something.  I think this print ad could have shown some of the jewelry sold at Tiffany & Co. instead of just showing the brand name.  For some people I think they need to see a visual of the products in order for them to consider buying the items. 

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