Sunday, December 9, 2012

Entry 5: Iv'e Been Looking For You All Night :)

One of my favorite commercials of all times is the Diet Pepsi commercial with Sofia Vergara where she dances with several guys until she finally reaches the waiter with the Diet Pepsi can.  The facial expression that Sofia makes throughout the commercial are hilarious.  I think she was the perfect actress to use for this commercial because she is very funny and has experience being in front of a camera for a commercial.

The music playing for this commercial is somewhat instrumental  up beat, and sounds like music that would be payed while people are doing the salsa.  While Sofia is trying to reach the waiter the different men she runs into have a certain type of dance style that they use to stop her in her tracks.  There is hip hop, disco, and tango dancing during the whole Diet Pepsi commercial.  Even though the commercial only focuses on Sofia and the men she meets the setting is at a nice and fancy club where all these middle aged people are getting groovy with one another.  However, no one is dressed like Sofia with a solid blue dress that is tight on top and loose on the bottom.  The director of the commercial purposely made Sofia stand out and wear the colors of the Diet Pepsi bottle.  I mean the woman had on a blue dress, red lipstick, white pumps, and silver colored hoop earrings and bracelets.  She was looking like a Diet Pepsi bottle indeed.

The Pepsi company wanted to use a famous person in their commercial to show people that TV stars enjoy their beverage too.  If the company used a someone who was not well known then the commercial will not make such an impact on people.  For me, I remember this commercial because of the music and since Sofia Vergara is in it.  The director used the testimonial technique by using Sofia Vergara in the commercial.  Sofia is a well known actress because she stars in the show "Modern family" which is a comedy show.

This commercial is trying to convince people to buy Diet Pepsi because it is very refreshing.  At the very end of the commercial it shows Sofia with the Diet Pepsi and the words at the bottom says, "nothing refreshes like a  Diet Pepsi."  Since the soda company said "nothing refreshes like.." it shows they are confident that no other drink is like theirs.  They are also saying that no other drink can replenish ones thirst like a Diet Pepsi.

After replaying this commercial about fifty times I realized there are various nationalities shown in the commercial.  There is not just one skin color through out the whole advertisement, there are actually so many different people in it.  The commercial is very diverse with the extras they use along with the men that run into Sofia.

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