Sunday, December 16, 2012

Entry 7: All I Want For Christmas Is You

Since Christmas is just around the corner I thought I would post a Christmas song to get into the holiday spirit.  Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber are one of my favorite singers....mainly Mariah Carey since she has the same name as me.  However both of them are very popular and since they made this duet and sponsored Macy the song is just MAGICAL.  At first I had no idea that this music video was promoting Macy, but while watching the atmosphere of the video reminded me of a Macy's store.  Then when I saw the light boy open up his Golden ticket I realized it was a Macy's stores.  A viewer can have an idea that the video is filmed in a Macy's store because their is so much red throughout the video and that is Macy's main color scheme. 

Macy used product placement in this video because they put their stores name on the golden ticket that Santa Claus passes out to the people on the street.  Then later in the video the camera shows everyone standing outside of the Macy's store anxiously waiting to go inside and receive gifts.  Macy is trying to have people come to their stores and shop for holiday gifts.  Plus if people come to Macy's they may even see a celebrity. 
When the little boy is shown receiving his golden ticket with all smiles Macy wanted to show that their store appeals to not only adults, but children too.  The golden ticket reminded me of Willy Wonka the movie because during the movie the children are all looking for the golden ticket to have a tour of the chocolate factory.  The golden ticket is significant because it is given to people of all different nationalities and ages.  Macy is a store for everyone, not just one group of people in particular. 

Justin Bieber is shopping at Macy's and when fans see that they would want to go shop at the store too because Justin was there.  Macy used the testimonial technique during the music video and the need for affiliation was also used in the video.  Justin is with friends and when all the people come storming into the store they are all happy and having fun with people they do not even know.  Macy is showing their customers that when you come to the stores everyone is always happy and super nice to each other.  There was another form of product placement within the video.  While Justin is going around the store the camera scans over the Nintendo 3DS and Justin even looks at the product and smiles with his pearly white teeth. 


  1. Good job breaking down the ad. I definitely believe they used the testimonial technique in their ad because Justin Beiber and Mariah Carey are both very popular in their signing. Also, good job recognizing the product placement in the ad. By looking at these few pictures, and after your mentioning of the product placement, I can definitely see this technique being used.

  2. Yeah, the product placement was definitely a big part of this. Justin was picking up items all over the place and that gave Macy's a great opportunity to advertise the diversity of products that they have at their stores. Along with that, though, i also thought of the sex appeal that they used by having Mariah Carey in her Santa outfit and how she and Justin were always looking at each other. I think that they tried to do that to add on to Testimonial and just make the video connect with an even larger group of people.