Sunday, January 6, 2013

Entry 8: Devil Wears Prada

"Devil Wears Prada" is probably one of my favorite movies of all time because it stars Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway and I like both of those actresses.  Over break I saw the movie once again, but realized there was a lot of product of placement throughout the movie.  When I saw "Devil Wears Prada" years ago I never recognized the Starbucks shop in the background, the Pellegrino drinks in the beginning, or the apple computer that the assistants like Anne uses.  I actually payed close attention to the movie this time and saw all the advertising done by the writers and companies. 

Anne Hathaway plays an unattractive writer (Andy Sachs) that has moved to New York to become a journalist, but she ends up assisting Miranda the editor and chief of RUNWAY magazine.  In the beginning of the movie Andy does not know much about fashion and how the district works.  As the movie progresses she changes her look to fit the job and learns more about the fashion magazine.  Miranda has Andy running around town picking up her meals and groceries until finally she gives Andy some respect.  After Andy has done all she can to help Miranda she realizes it is time that she becomes what she came to New York to be, a journalist. 

I love this movie and how the writer showed all these different clothes and even in the movie named dropped some popular name brands like "Calvin Klein."  The movie advertises a lot of high end brands especially Prada since that is part of the movie name, but also the shoe and clothing brands.  This movie is also showing the whole fashion district with its positive and negative sides to it.  For instance, in the movie Andy brings her friends a very expensive purse along with hair products and other materials used in the fashion industry.  Then, the movie also shows how the fashion district is a very busy job, but you can meet many famous people that can help you out in the long run.  The RUNWAY magazine company is a huge advertisement in this movie because the whole movie is about the magazine and all the work that is put into and how people kill to have a job for that magazine. 

One of the actors Stanley Tucci said, "Fashion is the film."  This is true the whole movie is about fashion, there is some romance parts to it but the main story is about fashion.  The director shot the movie in Paris and New York the two most popular fashion districts people know of.  These two locations are known for its fashion contributions.

In the very beginning of the movie one of Miranda's other assistants is rushing around the building preparing Miranda's desk for her arrive.  As she is setting up her desk the assistant opens a bottle of Pellegrino for Miranda.  The camera screens another room where other workers are cleaning their mess and it is obvious that the workers were drink Pellegrino because you can see the clear green bottles with its name on it.  While Anne Hathaway is running all of Miranda's errands I recognized a Starbucks shop in the background since Miranda always needed her coffee for the day.  Everyday Andy had to pick up Miranda's coffee order from Starbucks so the cups and store were seen in the movie.  Starbucks did some major product placement in this movie along with some other companies.  Apple also used product placement in this film.  Miranda's assistants both had nice Apple computers set up for them to use to keep track of Miranda's schedule, but the girls also used the computer as a mirror to do their make up.  This shows that Apple is not only a computer, it can be used for other purposes too. 

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