Sunday, January 6, 2013

Entry 10: Sunday Ads

I was going through the Sunday newspaper and this is the day when all the stores have their ads out.  usually I look at the clothing stores and when I saw the Target ad I just had to write about it.  On the cover page of Target's ad they have two girls excising and then right across the cover it says, "hard-core saving."  I found this very amusing for some reason and clever since there are girls working out and its an ad. 

Just on the front page of this Target ad the store is mainly appealing to women by showing two females doing work outs with weights.  Plus they have sport bras on the bottom of the page.  The whole ad is very colorful and I thought the color scheme was interesting.  I liked how in the picture of the two women the room they are in is all white so the people focus on what is in the room along with what they are wearing. 
In every ad that Target has they always have to show their signature symbol of the red dot with the red circle around it.  The store does not even have to write Target across the cover because the store is so well know and everyone already knows their symbol.  When I pick up the Sunday ads and I see the red dot and circle i immediately know it is Target.  In the Target ad you can constantly see their symbol throughout it and its repetitive.  Their popular saying is also well known, "Expect more. Pay less."  The saying is so short that is easy to remember and memorize. 
Target is really promoting Champions work out gear for women because there are so many options to choose from.  Another sign of repetition is the Champions logo; it is on every single sports bra, the top right corner, and it is even on the work out ball.  Target wants people to buy Champions weights and bras. 

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