Sunday, January 13, 2013

Entry 12: Calvin Klein Cologne :D

When it comes to buying my brother a gift for his birthday or Christmas I always look at finding him cologne.  As I was looking for a different brand of cologne to give to him I came across a Calvin Klein cologne ad.  Last year I gave my brother True Religion cologne so this year I have to change things up.  Just looking at this Calvin Klein cologne ad I want to buy it for my brother and I have no clue what it smells like. 

The company is using glittering generalities in this advertisement by having a middle aged man who has a very nice body just posing with the logo on the bottom.  The guy has an amazing body and the lighting on his is great.  I like how half of his body  is light and the other half is dark.  The shadows also give off this intense and real look to it.  This ad has a seriousness to it with the guys expression, but also how the picture and cologne case is all black and white.  The cologne ad can appeal to a lot of girls because if they see this hot guy they would want their boyfriends to wear it and smell like the model.  Plenty of girls would buy this cologne for a guy they know just after seeing the hot model advertising it. 

The name of the cologne is also appealing to the eye on this ad because the Calvin Klein name is not very big.  However, the name of it s in all caps and is short so people will remember the name.   Plus the name is in white with a dark background so it somewhat sticks out. 

This is ad is gestalt to an extent because it does not talk about the cologne or what it is like it is just a picture of a hot guy and the cologne bottle on the bottom of the picture.  The cologne does not even stand out that much it blends right in with the whole color scheme. 

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