Sunday, January 6, 2013

Entry 9: Taco Bell....YUMMM

Lately, the newest thing to get at Taco Bell is the Doritos Locos Tacos.  I have seen so many commercials for this taco, yet i have not yet gone and tried it.  The taco looks pretty good and when I saw this add it just appealed to me even more.  I am like craving Taco Bell, I have not had it in so long.  To me I find it clever of Doritos and taco Bell to team up and create this new taco.  Its always good to try something new and change things up.  Sometimes basic is not always fulfilling, there is a need for something else. 

In this ad Taco Bell is appealing to people's physiological needs by talking about the taco and how it is a Doritos taco shell.  Two different companies are being advertised in this ad, Doritos and Taco Bell.  Many people know about the popular Doritos chip brand and the nacho cheese flavored chips are their most well known.  this taco creation would probably appeal to a lot of people because both of these companies are so popular today. 

The color schemes on this ad I found pretty interesting there are different shades of yellow and orange mixed within it.  The colors really define the red Doritos chip bag and if you look closely the colors all make like a triangle shape because the Doritos chips are all shaped like triangles if they are not broken.  In the corners there are dark shades of orange and as the lines go in the stripes become lighter and lighter until it reaches a yellow color. 

The presentation of the taco makes the food so much more appealing.  As a reader I can see each and every layer of the taco with the meat at the bottom, a small layer of sour cream, and then the lettuce with tomatoes and cheese.  A company has to make their product appealing so that the audience wants it bad.  I also liked how Taco Bell made their product have a rhyme to it by saying "Locos Tacos."

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