Sunday, January 13, 2013

Entry 13: "Get ME Out Of Here"

I was watching the Kings vs Heat game last night, which was a very sad game to watch since the Kings got killed.  Even though it was not the best game I was able to see D. Wade play and he reminded me of the T-mobile commercial he is  in.

This is probably one of my favorite NBA commercials of all times.  I love Wade and this video was funny to me.  It shows how fast technology is today and how much people are on social media networks to be informed what is going on around them.  T-mobile really knew how to deliver their message well because in the video they showed all these different groups of people looking at Wade's video and going crazy.  Then at the end they said that their phones are allow people to share photos and HD videos being "America's Largest 4G network."
T-mobile uses the testimonial appeal and the need to achieve in the commercial by having D. Wade sell the product to fans.  Even in the commercial you can see how many fans like Wade since they are wearing his jersey or chanting his name.  NBA fans would want to have T-mobile just because Wade is promoting their cell phones and showing how fast their network is.  If people want to be like Wade and do the things he does then they will switch to T-mobile.



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