Thursday, January 24, 2013

Media Blog Reflection

After writing all these media blogs for about 4 weeks or so I finally realized how much media is around me everyday.  I never used to pay attention to all the advertisements around me until I started doing media blogs.  Everyday I consume media because it is literally everywhere I go.  Now everywhere I go I actually pay attention to the media and advertisements around me.  I can say that media distracts people a lot especially for me.  When I am doing homework I am constantly stopped by media whether its the sound of a TV, music, or online surfing. 

Since I now understand more about media I have become more aware of it.  I am not easily fooled by all the advertisements telling me to buy their products because its so awesome or they are really cheap and on sale!  It is important to be an educated consumer because you can look past all the ways the company is trying to sell the product and actually tell if it is worth buying or not.  To be an educated consumer you can make better decisions when purchasing a new item.  Also having media literacy allows people to understand the message and techniques that are being used to sell the product so they can make a good choice when deciding whether or not to buy something.  The people who make these advertisements have to understand media literacy in order to appeal to the people and sell their certain product to the people. 

From doing these media blogs I have realized how much media has played a role in my life and how easily I am manipulated by it.  After this assignment I am more aware of all the media I use and what is around me now that I have learned about it. 

Over the weekend I was watching the Niners game and when the commercials came on I found myself naming all the techniques and needs that were being used.  I could not believe what was happening to me...HISP has changed my way of interpreting things....I am kidding.  I was actually proud of myself for naming the techniques and needs because it showed I learned something from this unit.  This whole unit was super fun and interesting because it was relatable to our generation (teenagers).  It was something that everyone has seen  and heard of because it is all over the place.  I was able to learn a little about the advertising industry and how it works, plus the process companies take to figure out its target market and how to appeal to their customers.  This critical thinking class taught me a lot about media and I realized how much I am involved with media that i never seemed to notice before.

I never used to pay attention to commercial as much as I do now.  Nor did I realized that men do not watch girl films but girls watch both woman and men shows.  When I watched movies I never noticed the company or brand advertising's that were in the film like Apple or Starbucks.  These little things I never noticed, but after this assignment I actually search for them....its like a scavenger hunt.  This blog has been amazing I really enjoyed writing about media and posting every week on it.


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